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Genesis PURE™ introduces Metabolic ONE to its HealthTrim® line of products
Newly reformulated supplement supercharges a sluggish metabolism while curbing appetite.

(FRISCO, Texas) — Genesis PURE, a leading innovator of naturally sourced supplements based on a philosophy of delivering Whole Health, introduced Metabolic ONE to its HealthTrim® line of nutritious products.

Metabolic ONE is a unique blend of naturally occurring amino acids, nutrients, herbs, botanicals and caffeine that work together to help support your weight management goals. It contains the ingredient L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. Green tea naturally stimulates metabolism through its caffeine content, but also provides a soothing feeling.

Genesis PURE’s Research and Development team recently revised their formula to include a combination of L-theanine and caffeine, two ingredients that complement each other. The result is a calming effect which helps diminish a person’s cravings for unhealthy foods.

Metabolic ONE also contains an excellent source of vitamin B6 and B5, essential for energy metabolism. The supplement is gluten and preservative free. Other products in Genesis PURE’s HealthTrim line include 360 Complete Shake, Green Coffee Bean and PURE Café. Genesis PURE’s HealthTrim Detox line of products include Cleanse and Fasting Solution.

“While the reasons people gain weight are many and varied, stress is an often overlooked reason why people struggle with their weight. By adding L-theanine, we are able to help people better deal with everyday stressors. As a coping mechanism, people often seek food as a means of handling their stress and when they do, they most often reach for high fat, high sugar foods. Metabolic ONE is ideally formulated to boost metabolism and minimize the desire for unhealthy foods.” Darin Blackhurst, Genesis PURE’s Director of Research and Development

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