Free Autoship Program

The Free Autoship* Program is open to all IBOs. To become qualified, you must have your products delivered through Autoship. A minimum PV (Product Volume) from personally sponsored Preferred and Retail customer sales rewards you with credit off your Autoship order every month.

Autoship credits are awarded based on the PV of each Autoship. PV awards apply to product purchases only and cannot be applied to taxes, shipping or handling. A discount line item with a negative price and PV amount will be added to the order. No bonus of any kind will be paid on the free volume. PAR points will not be rewarded on the free volume. Reduced PV WILL count toward sponsoring IBOs’ active1 status. Returns will count as negative volume in the 28-day period the product was returned.

For US and Canada only.

*Autoship is an optional program available to IBOs and Customers that is offered for convenience, allowing IBOs and their customers to select products they sell or consume most frequently to be shipped to them automatically every twenty-eight (28) days.

**PV (Product Volume) is the amount of volume from personally sponsored Preferred and Retail Customers assigned to each product.

1Active is defined as having 100PV or more (either personal product purchases or product sales to Retail and Preferred Customers or any combination thereof) every twenty-eight (28) days.

  • 100PV** = $25 Autoship credit
  • 200PV** = $50 Autoship credit
  • 300PV** = CORE4 or $139.95


The Free Autoship Program begins January 2019, and ends December 2019 

PURE reserves the right to discontinue, cancel or modify this Promotion at any time and in its sole discretion without notice.

The Free Autoship Program is sponsored by PURE Gen Holdings, Inc., (“PURE”) – 7164 Technology Dr., Ste. 100, Frisco, TX 75033.