Qualify 10/6/2020 through 7/31/2021

Includes roundtrip airfare and accommodations September 7-12, 2021 at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel for the incentive qualifier and one (1) guest!



Sales to new personally sponsored Customers and/or new personally sponsored IBOs must reach a minimum of 42,000 PV* during the qualification period. A maximum of 3,000 PV per new Customer and/or new IBO will count toward qualifications.

  • Go For Hawaii Promotion: Beginning May 4, 2021 and ending July 31, 2021, the maximum PV per new Customer and/or IBO will increase to 6,000 for your new personally sponsored Customers and/or IBOs enrolled April 6, 2021 or later. 


** Fulfill the qualifications below, based on your rank as of October 6, 2020. 

Personally sponsor 6 new Customers and/or new IBOs who place a product order at the time of enrollment, during the qualification period.
Help+*** 2 personally sponsored IBOs achieve either a new rank advancement and/or a first-time advancement to 5-Star CRB Rank, and maintain 5-Star CRB Rank for 2 months.
Must achieve Diamond or above rank a minimum amount of times based on your highest rank earn before the start of the qualification period. 

    • Emerald Executives and below | x2 rank achievements
    • Diamond and Blue Diamonds | x4 rank achievements 
    • Black Diamonds and above | x6 rank achievements

* Product Volume (PV) is the amount of volume assigned to each product. 
**For detailed rank qualification requirements, please see the Compensation Plan.
*** Help+ means actively assisting a personally sponsored IBO by offering your services or resources to the IBO in pursuit of a rank advancement including but not limited to activities or resources such as: monthly Zoom meetings, coaching IBOs, creating business plans, assisting with utilizing a marketing plan, sending weekly emails, etc.

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