Is Cascara Sagrada habit-forming?

The dried and aged bark of cascara sagrada has been used for centuries to support healthy bowel activity. When used properly, it may help achieve regularity. Traditionally, cascara has only been used for short periods of time.[2] Whether or not cascara is habit-forming has no substantial support from studies. Due to the limited evidence in the scientific literature, our product use recommendations reflect the traditional use of cascara sagrada and we recommend that it only be used for short periods.

What is Citric Acid?

Citric acid is organically found in many fruits and is naturally created in the human body. As an ingredient, it is produced by introducing simple carbohydrates from sugar beets to a common, naturally-occurring fungus. The byproduct is citric acid which is used to maintain proper pH levels and improve product flavor.

Do your products contain Dairy?

Some products do contain ingredients that are byproducts of dairy primarily derived from milk. All products with these milk-derived / dairy ingredients clearly state “contains: milk” on their label. For example, whey protein is derived from a dairy source. Products that contain dairy: • 360 Complete Shake • GPS Rebuild

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is found naturally in many fruits. It is a naturally-derived sweetener with zero calories. PURE uses a non-GMO source of Erythritol. Products that contain Erythritol: ENERGY

What is the source of natural flavors and natural sweeteners in your products?

The natural flavors used in our products are all isolated plant compounds that have not been chemically altered. Our natural flavors are obtained from natural sources and are derived from their fruits or ingredients of origin.

Do your products contain ocean-sourced ingredients that might contain high levels of heavy metals like mercury?

We conduct heavy metal testing for products like Daily Build (capsules and liquid) and Greens that contain sea components (specifically spirulina). No product is released without first testing for potential contaminants to help ensure product safety.

Do your products contain Soy?

None of the products by PURE contain actual soy or soy protein; however, our 360 Complete Shakes and GPS Rebuild contain lecithin, which is derived from soy. Lecithin derived from soy is an emulsifier that helps prevent the separation of fat and water.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained to make cheese. Whey protein is made from the leftover liquid. Whey protein is considered a complete protein and contains all nine essential amino acids and have a very low lactose content.

Are your products FDA approved?

Dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors are not required to obtain FDA approval prior to marketing dietary supplements. The FDA establishes stringent regulations for the manufacture, distribution and sale of dietary supplements.

Are your products FDA cleared?

Skin Defense is FDA cleared. FDA approval or clearance is necessary to make sure patients using certain medical devices will be safe while utilizing the product.

What products are safe for those with nut allergies?

There are two categories of nut allergies: peanuts and tree nuts. None of our products contain peanuts.

Can your products be taken by individuals with an existing medical condition?

Always consult your healthcare provider before using our products. Individuals with existing medical conditions should be especially vigilant, as some of our products can react with certain medications.

Are your products vegan?

Mila, Acai, Goji, Organic Sulfur, Probiotic and Matcha Vegan Shake are currently labeled as vegan. Some other formulas, such as CalciuMK+, Cleanse, GoYin, Greens, Alkaline Water Concentrate, Silver, Green Coffee Bean, Immune6, Noni, Mangosteen, Fusion, Metabolic ONE, GPS Adapt and ENERGY do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients.

What products are safe to consume if I have a nut allergy?

There are two types of nut allergies: peanut and tree nuts. None of the PURE products contain peanuts or peanut derived ingredients. Interestingly, peanuts are actually legumes.

What products contain citrus?

ENERGY contains lemon and GoYin contains tangerine peel. 

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