Getting Started

When am I getting paid?

Commission’s close at midnight on Monday’s and payments are issued on Friday’s. The fastest way to receive your commission is through Digital Pay. Digital Pay allows you and your enrollees to get paid quickly, it reduces check fraud and it lowers everyone’s cost.

How does Digital Pay work?

With Digital Pay, receive payments in four easy steps. See details.

How to become commission-qualified?

To become commission-qualified, the IBO has to be in “Active” status. This means they must have 100 PV or more (either personal product purchases or product sales to Preferred and Retail Customers or any combination thereof) every 28 days. Also, they need to have a personally sponsored IBO on the left and right side of their organization.

What is the minimum age to become an IBO?

An IBO must be 14 years of age in the state or jurisdiction in which they reside in order to be an IBO.

In which countries are PURE products sold in?

U.S., Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Ghana and Nigeria.

Available Autoships:

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