What does being Active mean?

An IBO who has a minimum of 100 product volume (PV) or more (either from personal product purchases or product sales to Preferred and Retail Customers or any combination thereof) every 28 days. Active IBOs are eligible to participate in the PURE Prosperity Compensation Plan.

What is an Autoship?

An optional program offered for convenience to automatically ship products to IBOs and Preferred Customers every 28 days.

What is a Binary Hybrid?

The organizational structure of the Compensation Plan. New IBOs are introduced into the Company’s system with a tree-like structure where each IBO of the organization has a left and right sub-tree. Volume flows up the tree throughout each tree’s organizational structure.

What is the Binary Tree?

An organization that allows only two front-line distributors – one is your left leg and one is your right leg. These legs are often referred to as your lesser or stronger legs, depending on your building strategy.

What is Carry-Over volume (CV)?

Any volume accrued during a commission week that is NOT paid in team commissions will carry over into a new commission week on the same leg in which it was accrued. Once that volume is paid out in team commissions, it will return to zero.

What does Direct-to-Consumer mean?

A Preferred or Retail Customer can order products directly through their IBO’s personal website. PURE ships the order directly to the Customer and the IBO doesn’t need to store any inventory.

What is a Downline?

IBOs who are placed below you. Downline IBOs can consist of your personally sponsored IBOs and IBOs sponsored by individuals in your upline or downline organizations.

Who are Elite Services Representatives?

Elite Services Representatives provide high-level personalized customer service to leading IBOs. IBOs can qualify for this service by achieving the rank of Emerald Executive or above 2 times out of 4 weeks.

What does Enroll mean?

The act of signing up or joining PURE.

What is the FREE Autoship Program?

IBOs can earn credit off their Autoship order everymonth through personally sponsored Preferred andRetail Customer sales. To become qualified, productsmust be delivered through Autoship.

What is a Generation?

Includes all the IBOs in the Sponsor Tree from yourself down to, and including, the next Silver Director or above within each Sponsor Tree Leg.

What is Generation Bonus?

A bonus that pays 7% based on the team bonus checks that every one of an IBO’s personally sponsored IBOs earn.

What is Lesser Tree?

Total commissionable volume of the lesser leg (see Team Bonus) for the weekly commission period.

What are PURE Autoship Rewards (PAR)?

An optional reward program where an IBO or Preferred Customer on Autoship can receive 20% back in PAR Points to be redeemed for FREE product on or after three (3) consecutive Autoships.

What is PAR Perk?

Being on Autoship allows you to qualify for and participate in the PAR Perkpromotion every month. The first full week of every month, PURE offersexclusive product promotions for that week only.

What is Product Volume (PV)?

Volume consisting of the personal product purchases made by the IBO and/or product sales to Preferred Customers and any Retail Customers the IBO has personally sponsored. An IBO is not paid commissions or bonuseson his or her PV. PV is strictly used for personal qualification requirementswithin the Compensation Plan.

What is a Personal Website?

An IBO’s individual website provided by PURE that ties product sales and enrollments directly to their account and allows them to build their personal brand, while marketing and communicating to customers directly.

What is a Preferred Customer (PC)?

An individual who purchases products for personal or family use is entitled toreceive a 25% discount off the retail price by enrolling in Autoship and is eligibleto participate in the PURE Autoship Rewards (PAR) Program.

What is Rank Bonus?

Advance to a higher rank for the first time and earn big bonuses for your effort. Awardsrange from $1,000 USD all the way to an amazing $250,000 USD.

What is Retail Bonus?

A bonus that is paid by subtracting the retail price from the wholesale price.


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