Can you take more than one dose of Greens per day?

Yes. We recommend taking one to two servings per day.

Can you mix Greens with other products offered by PURE?

Yes. Any product may be used in the same regimen as Greens.

Can Greens be combined with other foods and beverages?

Yes. Greens may be consumed as a tasty drink by itself or may be mixed with other foods and beverages. Try mixing Greens with other fruits and vegetables as part of a smoothie, mix it with your favorite fruit juice, or drink it along with a meal.

How many servings of fruits and vegetables is Greens equivalent to?

We recommend that you consume a variety of fruits and vegetables daily. While Greens provides an excellent assortment of vegetables, green foods and other body-beneficial ingredients, it should not be used as a reason not to consume more fruits and vegetables. Greens is an excellent way to add variety to the fruits and vegetables you should already be consuming.

Is Greens certified organic, vegan, gluten free?

Greens is an excellent choice for individuals following a vegan lifestyle. Greens contains 100% vegan ingredients. It is also gluten free, so for persons following a gluten-free diet, it can be included into your daily routine.

Can you mix Mila with other products offered by PURE?

Yes. Mila pairs nicely with most products. Combine Mila with GPS Hydration and Greens for an afternoon pick-me-up!

How does Mila taste?

Mila has a mild nutty flavor.

How do I flavor Mila?

Mila is extremely versatile. Add it to water, mix it with your favorite food or beverage, or sweeten it as you like. Experiment with different recipes to find the perfect way to enjoy your Mila.

Can I use Mila with other food?

Yes. As a versatile ingredient with a mild, nutty flavor, Mila can be incorporated into your favorite recipes. Click here for our Cooking with Mila guide, as well as additional recipes. Use Mila on breakfast cereal, in yogurt, over a salad, mixed with rice, in a smoothie, etc.

Can I take too much Mila?

Mila is food, and as with any food, you can overdo it. Start with ½ a serving (1 Tablespoon) work up to an amount comfortable for you. Some people take as much as four servings per day.

Is Mila gluten free?

Yes. Mila is labeled gluten free. It is produced from chia, which does not contain gluten.

What is the difference between Mila and other chia products?

Mila is a proprietary combination of three diverse regional varieties of Salvia Hispanic L., a uniquely beneficial raw chia. This chia seed is harvested whole, carefully blended, thoroughly filtered micro-sliced (rather than crushed to preserve valuable omega-3 oils), then meticulously tested.

What are the benefits of SleepTrim?

SleepTrim is a combination of herbs, L-theanine, magnesium, melatonin and capsaicin that together help the body burn calories naturally while you sleep.*

How is this latest formula different from the previous formula?

SleepTrim uses a microencapsulated extended-release technology that gently delivers a blend of red pepper, capsaicin and black pepper extract without burning sensations.

Why should I use SleepTrim?

The number of hours of sleep needed to feel refreshed can vary from person to person. It’s important to keep in mind that the quality of sleep can be just as important as the quantity. If you are not getting the recommended seven-to-eight hours of sleep every night, you may be eating more, exercising less and gaining weight. Quality sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle, and SleepTrim can help you get back on track.

My body already produces melatonin. Why do I need more?

Studies show that the amount of melatonin produced by the body decreases with age. Supplementing the body’s supply of melatonin can help some people who experience occasional sleeplessness to sleep better.*

What is the Relaxation Blend?

The relaxation blend consists of botanicals (chamomile and passionflower), magnesium and L-theanine which helps the body relax mentally and physically, so you can fall asleep.*

Is SleepTrim addictive?

SleepTrim has not been shown to be habit-forming.

How do I take SleepTrim?

Take 1-2 capsules daily 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Use in conjunction with the entire HealthTrim product line to help support your weight management goals.

Can children take SleepTrim?

SleepTrim is not recommended for children under the age of 18 years.


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