Nothing makes us happier at PURE™ than celebrating the achievements and success of our Independent Business Owner (IBO) leaders. Around the world, they’ve continued to reach higher and higher ranks, showing their dedication, commitment, and passion. Here you’ll find our current IBO leaders who are shining examples of this spirit of devotion.

We use rank achievements to create goals and incentives for our IBO leaders. Week after week, our IBOs continue to share the PURE products, opportunity, and lifestyle with people all over the world. We also celebrate these achievements with incentive trips to the most exciting destinations!

As you expand your business, look to your leaders for inspiration to drive forward in accomplishing your goals. Congratulations to all of our top IBO leaders who continue to pave the way to PURE success!

These results are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. All earnings are based on the sale of products and depend largely on your efforts, abilities, and the market available to you.

Crown Diamond

Bong Taik Kwon
Byong Wan Lim
Jared & Heather Burnett


Jason & Whitney Johns


John & Teresa Goetz
Chong Sun Kim
Eric Anaborne
James & Taryn Leiker
Seung Hae Shin
Fred & Kelly Johnson
Hans & Roseanna Baker
Tim & Cheryl Falkner
Chris & Leslie Forester
J.R. & Vickie Burnett
Satoaki Naka


Zebulan & Sherry Evans
Chie Takashio
Rachel & Javier Garcia
Dennis & Summer Riney
Billy & Kacey Chandler
Shawn & Amy Summers
Jayson & Shellie Lavender
Marlin & Lori Dubetz

Blue Diamond

Cliff & Shirley Oppenheimer
Jenny Yeo
Ed & Lucretia Valle
Mitchell & Hope Shuff
Trace & Andrea Bailey
Michael & Suzanne Huffman
Jacob & Hannah Moreno
Melanie Petz
James & Melanie Benfield
Sara Whiteford & Mary Barber
Jayna Shalla
Stan & Nancy Schremmer
Amy & Lionel Perez
Iwalani Isbell & Gordon Noice
Justin & Mallory Duyck
Marie Kim
Stuart & Shelly Singer
Kozue Tanimura
Billy & Rudilee Gabel
Hyun Ok Koo
Tae Hyo Kim
Tommy Evans
Shinji Morikawa
Eunjoung Ko
Chan Kyun Kim
Takeshi Tsuji
Chase & Ashley Chapman
Benjamin & Beth Brunton
Louis A. Dorsaneo
Jesse & Amber Burnett
Cody Bales
Tim & Lynne Hall
Troy & Denay Hounshell
Jamie & Liza Dewald
Andrew Baik
Brett & Marcy Buras
Jeff & Sandy Goetz
Colton & Ginger Johnson
Tracy & Jeff White
Carol & Sam Allen
Sakiko Nakajima
Kinue Takezawa
Taeko Omomo
Taisei Tamaoki
Sang Gi Hwang
Young Ro Kim
Hwa Youn Lee
Gordon & Sachiko Oswald
James & Peggy Jo Pauls


J.D. Sudeth
Denny & Cindy Bonewitz
Jeff & Dana Yeagley
Shelley Langhofer
Keith & Pamela Marquart
Doug & Janelle Holen
Lynette Keys
Mark & Kae Hahn
Todd & Susan Stuart
Melissa & Greg Urban
Trent Freeman
Josh Stephens
Kyunghee Kangkim
Brad & Angie Jones
Steve & Joni Michael
Chelsea Hendrich
Kook Hee Kwak
John Buckner
Patrick & Alexis Parnell
Shawn Springsteen
Sonja Ikeler
Diahann Bieser
Daniel & Melanie Phillips
Rex & Ronda Baker
Yuki Fujihira
Karen Sulzer
Les & Tisha Magness
Barry Awe
Cameron & Larinda Johnson
Deok Kyu Lee
Emiko Saito
Yeong Ai Suh
Nam Sook Jung
Sung Hee Lee
Duane & Nicole Duncum
William & Joan Bockenkamp
Larry & Ronena Crimm
Masae Arai
Gun Ja Kim
Teena and Kyle Story
Whitney Krupala