The “Diamond” Experience

Aloha, PURE! We are traveling to the tropical paradise of Maui where natural beauty awes! Awake to fabulous sunrises and dream under bright orange sunsets. On Wailea Beach, the sand is perfect and the ocean is inviting. Celebrate with fellow IBOs at a traditional Hawaiian luau. You’re invited to experience the PURE lifestyle at its best during the summer of 2019!*

The Aloha Spirit

This once-in-a-lifetime Maui experience is for you and a guest, including roundtrip airfare.

*Award details subject to change.

**Returns or cancelled account volume will be removed from the qualified volume. Only orders billed to and shipped to the address on file will count toward qualifications.

***Previous Trips attended since the time of enrollment include: Mexico 2010, Peru 2011, Italy 2012, Brazil 2013, Hawaii 2014, Paris 2015, Australia 2016, Spain 2017 and Bora Bora 2018

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2Applicable volume is identified as all personally purchased volume from new personally sponsored IBOs and/or Members with an enrollment date of Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 12 am Eastern Time - Monday, March 25, 2019 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time, including first orders, sequential orders, customer orders, and Autoship orders. No more than 2000 PV per new IBO and/or Member will count toward qualifications.

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