Want to win prizes while you lose weight?

Win while you lose, with the R28 Challenge. Gather a team or sign up as an individual. What do you have to lose?

R28 Challenge (01/15/18 - 02/14/18)


  1. Gather your team (or you can Rally as an individual)
    • 5 people per team
    • Pick a team name (get creative) and assign a Rally Captain
  2. Pick a start date and order your Rally28 system
    • All team members should start their Rally on the same day
  3. RALLY!
    • Day 1
      • Weigh in – everyone record their start weight
      • Take your individual before photos (tips)
      • Take your measurements
      • You've got 28 days to Rally. Follow your Success Guide, track your meals, and get up and move!
      • Remember, you're on a team. Stay connected and keep each other motivated.
      • Weekly checkins - step on the scale every 7 days and submit your weight to your captain. Remember it is best to weigh yourself at the same time ideally 1st thing in the morning.
    • Day 29
      • YOU DID IT!
      • Weigh in – everyone record their final weight
      • Take your final measurements
      • Take your after photos - don't forget your smile :)
  4. Submit your results within 3 days of completion
    • Every team member must visit challenge.rally28.com and complete the form in order to be entered to win the challenge.
  5. Rally again!
    • Keep up your momentum and continue your Rally lifestyle!
Need help finding a team? Find like-minded people on our Rally28 Facebook Group!



Winners will be determined by largest percentage of weight lost. Winners will be announced on Facebook Live.

Winning Individuals Earns:

Gym membership (up to a $800 value).

Winning Team Earns:

A visit from corporate at the winner's next team meeting/event.

Percentage of weight loss will be judged on a 28-day basis. While participants are encouraged to compete as many successive Rally28 programs as desired, weight loss will not be judged on a cumulative basis outside of the 28-day period for the respective entry.

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