(Qualification Period Closed as of: 12/19/17)


Celebrate your achievements on an ultimate cruise of a lifetime! We're setting sail over enchanting turquoise waters to tour the Western Caribbean. Enjoy a 5-night cruise for the incentive qualifier plus one guest, sailing from the port of Ft. Lauderdale on February 24, 2018.*

For detailed rank qualification requirements, please see the Compensation Plan.

How to qualify:


    • Sponsor 15 new, active1 IBOs and/or Members with a minimum of 15,000 first order cumulative PVwithin the qualification period.

  • RANK

    • IBOs with a Lifetime3 rank of IBO, Bronze or Silver Director as of June 19, 2017 must obtain the rank of Gold Director a minimum of 4 times during the qualification period.

  • 5x5x5

    • Earn a minimum of $5,000 in PURE Rank Bonus Payouts within the qualification period.


    • Recruit 5 New, active IBOs and/or Members with a minimum 5,000 first order cumulative PV.

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Incentive Program Terms and Conditions apply to all incentive participants.

The 2018 Seas your Future Cruise Incentive is open to U.S. and Canada IBOs only.


*Award details subject to change.
1Active IBO is defined as an IBO having 100 PV or more every 28 days. PV (Personal Volume) is volume consisting of personal product purchases made by the IBO and/or product sales to Preferred Customers and Retail Customers the IBO has personally sponsored. An IBO is not paid rewards on his/her PV. PV is strictly used for personal qualification requirements within the compensation plan. Active Member is defined as a Member having 100 Product Volume or more in personal product purchases every 28 days. Product volume is the amount of volume assigned to each product.

2Cumulative PV must equal a minimum of 15,000 PV from new IBO’s first order purchased. A maximum of 1,500 PV per new enrollment will count toward qualification. Secondary orders do not apply.

3Lifetime rank is the highest rank an IBO has achieved since joining Genesis PURE, Inc.