Do your products contain Soy?

None of the products by PURE contain actual soy or soy protein; however, our 360 Complete Shakes, Nutrition Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry – NOT Vegan Vanilla) and GPS Rebuild contain lecithin, which is derived from soy.  Lecithin derived from soy is an emulsifier that helps prevent the separation of fat and water.  It is an important component of cell walls and rich sources of the vitamin choline. For individuals with a true soy allergy (i.e. they will go into anaphylactic shock by consuming it), the 360 Complete Shakes with lecithin derived from soy should be avoided.  The isoflavone content of lecithin derived from soy is also extremely low to non-existent[1]and should not be a concern. If you have a medical issue, please consult with a licensed healthcare professional to determine whether or not lecithin, which has been derived from soy is an issue for your unique situation.