Is Cascara Sagrada habit-forming?

The dried and aged bark of cascara sagrada has been used for centuries to support healthy bowel activity. When used properly, it may help achieve regularity. Traditionally, cascara has only been used for short periods of time.[2] Whether or not cascara is habit-forming has no substantial support from studies. Due to the limited evidence in the scientific literature, our product use recommendations reflect the traditional use of cascara sagrada and we recommend that it only be used for short periods.

We suggest using Liquid Cleanse or Capsule Cleanse for no more than 7-10 days consecutively unless under the direction of your doctor. Following use, wait 30 days before using the product again. Each person is different and may respond to the Cleanse differently. Therefore, be sure to monitor how you feel and work with your doctor to adjust these recommendations as needed. Excessive use of cascara sagrada may lead to dehydration and excessive electrolyte loss, which can adversely affect the heart and muscles.