What is the source of natural flavors and natural sweeteners in your products?

The natural flavors used in our products are all isolated plant compounds that have not been chemically altered. Our natural flavors are obtained from natural sources and are derived from their fruits or ingredients of origin.

For example, ENERGY Grape flavor is derived from grapes and ENERGY Lemon from Lemons. ENERGY Watermelon includes both natural watermelon and strawberry flavors obtained from these fruits. This detailed information is included on our product labels. In addition to the natural fruit juices, Liquid Daily Build contains flavors derived from lemons and limes. We only use flavors from natural sources. For natural sweeteners we use stevia and monk fruit that have been extracted from either the stevia leaf or the actual fruit of monk fruit. Please be assured that we do our very best to provide the highest quality ingredients that will be the most beneficial for your body. We do not use artificial flavors or sweeteners in any form.