Do products by PURE contain synthetic ingredients?

PURE is committed to providing premium-quality products based on the best of science and nature. This philosophy includes the avoidance of artificial dyes, flavors, sweeteners and other potentially harmful ingredients. Most ingredients PURE selects for inclusion are natural, derived from natural sources, or made through natural processes; however, from time to time, there may be ingredients, which are better suited for supplement use that are man-made or considered to be synthetic. At present, there is no official definition for “synthetic” in the supplement industry; however, man-made ingredients are any ingredient that is not an actual whole food. Some within the industry have proposed and the FDA appears to be endorsing this perspective that even naturally-derived ingredients, which are not in their original form are not considered “natural.” With this level of restriction in definition, it makes it difficult for PURE to define its products and ingredients as natural. While most ingredients used in PURE products are natural, some would be defined as man-made or synthetic.