Which products provide the daily requirement of vitamin B12?

The following products contain vitamin B12(amount per serving):

Daily Build (liquid) vitamin B1212mcg 500% Daily Value (DV)
Daily Build (capsules) vitamin B12250 mcg (10,400% DV)
GoYin vitamin B1211.8mcg (500% DV)
ENERGY vitamin B1234mcg (1400% DV)
GPS Circulate vitamin B1211.8mcg (500% DV)
GPS Energize vitamin B1212mcg (500% DV)
GPS Hydrate vitamin B1260mcg (2500% DV)

NOTE: In the recent past, the FDA decided to unify the nutrient Daily Values (DVs) listed on food and dietary supplement labels with established Reference Daily Intakes (RDIs), which were created by the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Despite the RDIs being published through the years, label DVs have not been updated in over 20 years. The previous DV for vitamin B12was 6mcg. The new DV for vitamin B12is now 2.4mcg, which has been the RDI for many years. While the amounts of vitamin B12in PURE’s products have remained the same, the listed % DV for B12have increased significantly based on the new DVs. The FDA has given companies like PURE until the year 2020 to update their product labels.