Imagine never running out of your favorite PURE products again and getting rewarded at the same time. Sign up for Autoship, and you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of getting your favorite PURE products on your schedule, with no minimum dollar requirements!

Our Autoship program is created with convenience in mind! We make it easy for you to create or modify your Autoship order at any time.
Get 20% Back
Earn 20% in PURE Autoship Rewards on every autoship order you receive! PAR Points are just like cash and can be used on your future non-autoship purchases.
Exclusive Perks
We love spoiling our Autoship members with special perks! Create an Autoship now to qualify for any future perks!

Convenience is a beautiful thing!

It’s so easy to get started. Simply create an Autoship profile and add the PURE products you want delivered each month. Then, relax, and let PURE take care of the rest! We’ll make sure your products are delivered on time every month and keep adding PAR Points to your account.
Need to mix it up? No problem. We make it easy to update your order as much as you like.

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PURE Autoship Rewards

You earn 20% in PAR Points with each Autoship order! PAR Points are just like cash and can be used on all of your future non-autoship purchases.


If you set up an Autoship order for 100 PV** a month, you’ll receive 20 PAR Points that you can use on future non-autoship purchases.

About PAR Points

  • PAR Points cannot be applied to Autoship orders.
  • PAR Points equal 20% of the PV from your Autoship order excluding any taxes, shipping, and handling fees.
  • To sign up for Autoship, you must be a Preferred Customer or IBO. Sign up now
  • PURE reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.
  • PAR Points last for 365 days after being acquired and auto expire when all Autoship profiles are canceled.
  • Get more details on PAR Points >

FREE GoYin For Life!

Only those enrolled in Autoship can take advantage of our GoYin for Life promotion.
In just 2 simple steps, you can get FREE GoYin on Autoship!

Here’s how you can get it FREE:

  • Place a qualifying order of 200 PV** or more
  • Set up an Autoship of 100 PV** or more

Here’s why you’ll love GoYin:

  • Balance your mood and stress levels while enhancing your well-being.*
  • B vitamins produce energy in the body.*
  • Adaptogenic herbs calm the nervous system and help the body adapt to stress.*
  • Superfruits & herbs protect from free radical damage.*


You will earn 20% of the PV** for your Autoship back in PURE Autoship Rewards Points (PAR Points). For example, if your Autoship is 100 PV, you will earn 20 PAR Points to use on future shop purchases.


No, promotional offers cannot be combined with PAR Points.


If you selected Standard Shipping, you will receive your order within 7-10 business days of the next scheduled run date. If you selected another shipping method, you will receive it within that time frame.

In addition to the accumulation of PAR Points, IBOs have the opportunity to have their Renewal fee waived as a courtesy if the account has 12 consecutive Autoships in a calendar year.


There are no penalties for canceling your Autoship. However, if you cancel all of your Autoship accounts, you will automatically lose any PAR Points accumulated.

You can have as many Autoships as you want at any given time.

Yes. You can edit your Autoships under the My Autoships page. You can edit the products in an Autoship, the next scheduled run date, shipping address, shipping method, and payment used on the Autoship.

On the next scheduled run date.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** PV (Product Volume) is the amount of volume assigned to each product. PV is listed for each product and/or product pack during the order checkout process. †Initial qualifying order required. Min. 100 PV Autoship order required for free GoYin. See complete details here: ‡For PURE Autoship Rewards (PAR) terms and conditions, visit